brass instruments
Solo Bb Cornet
Mark Anstadt


Mark was extremely honored for the opportunity to join Puget Brass in 2014. Since moving to Seattle in 2003 he has also been a proud past or current member of North Seattle Symphonic Band, Brass Band Northwest, Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, and Washington Wind Symphony.

Mark chose the trumpet at the age of 9 in the hopes that, with its small size and 3 little buttons, it would offer easier success than he'd had with little league baseball or chorus. Easy it was not, but perseverance led to many wonderful opportunities, such as studying with the Empire Brass Quintet at Tanglewood and playing for the US Marine Field Band in San Diego. Mark was introduced to the Cornet in 2006 by his wonderful friends in Brass Band Northwest to whom he is eternally grateful.

Mark also loves his paying work as a Nurse Practitioner for Virginia Mason Medical Center. He lives in the quiet Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle with his husband Paul, who never misses a concert. Mark hopes to continue playing until he can no longer push the little buttons down.
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