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Daniel Oberloh


Daniel Oberloh's Father Vernon V. Oberloh, served in the United States Navy and while stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas , Dan started his life of music at Flour Bluff Independent schools. He started on the cornet (a very expensive purchase for a military family of seven) but the Oberloh family was soon transfered to Oak Harbor Washington State, where Dan was soon introduced to the tuba.

Fast forward more then thirty five years; Dan is an internationally recognized band instrument repair and restoration specialist with a business in Seattle where he spends more time fixing and overseeing the repair of woodwind and brass instruments then he would care to admit. He has performed with numerous wind and orchestral groups including The North West Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Symphony, Foggy Bottom Jazz Band, Bath Tub Gin and has been a member of Quintessence Brass since its founding in 1984.

He resides in North Seattle with Susan Steil (the Love of his life) and their cats Carlie, Tyler and Stewie.
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